Top 9 Best PC Gaming Chairs For Every Gamer

While you’re sitting in front of your computer, you want to make sure your as comfortable as possible. That is why you need to choose from one from best PC gaming chairs year can offer.

Hunching over and staring into your super bright, HD display never feels good. You’ll want to keep your back in tip-top shape while you game.

We’ve taken a look at several great PC Gaming chairs that are outfitted for all size. These are simply best gaming chairs for PC gamers on the market.

If you want to be a successful player, you just have to get yourself a good gaming chair. Because nobody can sit on a freaking folding chair for more than 4 hours without feeling like crap.

Best PC Gaming Chairs

If you’re spending a lot of time in front of your monitor, it makes sense to look beyond the basic models. It’s like a mattress, if you spend a lot of time using it, you may as well get a nice one.

Health considerations also factor. Sitting for extended periods in a chair could also potentially carry long-term consequences.

We don’t have to look farther than people who have spent their careers working in call centers or as truck drivers.

Your chair and desk work together to aid you in maintaining good posture and preventing something like that from happening.

It’s important to remember that even with an ergonomically designed chair it’s still a good idea to periodically get up and move around in between matches or levels.


Supplement an ergonomic chair with the simple habit of short breaks. It will go a long way in taking care of your body and maintaining a healthy posture.

Of course, no product discussion would be complete without talking about cost. A good rule of thumb is to buy according to your own personal gaming and work habits.

Some gamers spend time in their chairs working in addition to gaming. If this is the case, it’s worth considering investing a bit more in a higher-quality computer chair.

If you’re a casual gamer who only spends a dozen hours or so a week gaming, you can get by with something less expensive.


X Rocker 51396 Pro

The X Rocker Pro Series Pedestal Video Gaming Chair is one of the most comfortable gaming chairs you can buy. It’s not too difficult to set up and can be ready to go in a few minutes.

This gaming chair is not only one of best PC gaming chairs, but it is also suitable for XBOX and PS4.

This chair allows you to immerse yourself in your gaming experience.

The X Rocker 51396 Pro Wireless Gaming Chair is one of best gaming chairs in the market today. The chair is designed to ensure great ergonomics, convenience, and reliability.

Not only when playing video games, but also when watching TV, listening to music, reading and just relaxing.

Two surround sound speakers hidden in the X Rocker’s headrest provide excellent audio quality.

It is suitable for all ages and comes with an inbuilt wireless sound system and connects to multiple gaming devices.


Merax Gaming Chair

Merax Lumbor Support Gaming Chair looks very nice, and the backrest puts you in a very straight-up position (almost feels like 90°).

The padding is fairly firm and comfortable. It has cushy PU leather-based upholstery with plentiful padding.


DX Racer RC01

DX Racer RC01 Gaming Chair is one of best gaming chairs for those who like to live in the fast lane.

This model is a larger version of best-selling Formula Series (F-Series) chair. With a taller, wider, backrest, the Racing Series complements a bigger-built user.

The Racing Series‘ high-density cold cure foam filling makes these chairs comfortable for extended use, especially for durations of 8 hours and longer.

Tubular steel frame and a metal star base offer excellent stability. It has integrated headrest, adjustable lumbar support cushion, and a tilt mechanism angling all the way back up to 180 degrees.


DX Racer MY07

DX Racer MY07 Gaming Chair is little pricey gaming chair but it will make it worthy.

Adjustment is incremental from straight up and down, and down to a horizontal position.

This chair has the seat height adjustment. DX Racer MY07 chair is not huge, but has a good range for your preference at desk/workstation.

This chair will be everything you expected and more! It has looks, quality, comfort and function beyond belief! It is very easy to assemble.

It offers comfort and contributes to good posture while maintaining that same level of comfort. It is fully adjustable to ensure a perfect fit.

Note: DXRacer chairs are among best PC gaming chairs and come in many models. For the ultimate in posture and comfort. Recommend is the higher-end 330 pound capacity with the free neck and lumbar support cushions as included in this model.



AKRACING AK-7018 Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair is very easy to assemble.

Construction is top-notch, stitching and material feel substantial, not cheap. The foam feels very nice.

The staples that hold the bottom of the seat material might look ugly but you don’t even see them when the seat is assembled. The webbing on the underside of the seat is just like a real car.

Modeled after a racing seat, it totally fits for anyone into racing.

Soft but not too soft and not too firm. It hugs you in all the right spots. Very comfortable gaming chair. The armrest adjustment does have five levels of adjustment that in total from all the way down to all the way up is about 3”.

The little head pillow is neat but is quite thick, and it may feel like it’s pushing your head forward.

AKRacing gaming chairs are one of best PC gaming chairs for 2015.


Merax Racing Style Chair

Merax Racing Style Gaming Chair is incredibly comfortable. The lumbar support is very comfortable as well.

The cushions are firm enough to provide support but soft enough to be quite cushy.

It can be frustrating to assemble as it may take from 30 to 60 minutes depending on your skill level/handiness. The instruction manual is not very clear on how you adjust things such as how far back it leans and how to adjust height.

The quality of the material on the chair is good, and backrest puts you in a very straight-up position (almost feels like 90°).


HomCom Gaming Chair

HomCom Gaming Chair With Massage and Heating is one of best PC gaming chairs that offers massage and heating (or at least that is how it is advertised).

This chair offers both heating and massaging on a soft PU leather seat. The back has four different massage positions while the seat offers two different massage areas.

Adjust the height with the gas lift to fit any sized legs. The backrest gives a stylish look that will fit great in any room.

The durable steel frame can hold up to 300lbs, and the smooth-rolling casters allow you to move the chair easily.

But some buyers complain that this gaming chair does not massage. Instead, it vibrates. Handle to adjust the height of the chair can be loud when the vibration is on.


DX Racer DF73

DX Racer DF73 Ergonomic PC Game Chair is one of best PC Gaming chair that you’ll want to invest in.

This D-series model contains just a bit more padding than the F-series/R-series DX Racer chairs.

The chair is the choice of most Twitch casters everywhere. The black and brown gives it a much more understated look and goes well with the rest of any room.

The cushion does have a strap on it, but you cannot run it behind the back cushion.

The build quality is top-notch. The stitching has no defects. The seat cushion is firm, yet comfortable. It gives the impression that it will last a very long time.

The arm rest are some of the best seen on a chair of this type. These are very sturdy and mounted with metal to the frame. They are not going anywhere, except up and down to your preferred height.

Very classy styling, high build quality, along with a very comfortable feel.


DX Racer PVC Racing Style

DX Racer PVC Racing Style Ergonomic chair is packed like one would expect a 400$+ chair to be packed.

All the components are higher quality than the less expensive chairs. It is very easy to assemble.

The chair base has the arms attached, and they are extended as far as the 1/2inch space allows. The arms are torqued down, but if you wanted to remove them, you could easily do so, either from the chair base, or removing the two bolts from the bottom of the arm tower.

All bolts are plated, not cheap or zero no rust coating. The machining is excellent; all bolts can be finger tightened with no binding. To attach the various parts, one must remove the screws, and put them back where you took them from.

As far as the material and construction go, it is made in China. The thing to note is, there is no rigid seat pan in this chair.

The padding is firm and comfortable and supported by straps from the frame.

The bonus head rest and lumbar cushion feel squishy in your hands. The headrest feels fine, and is held to the chair by an adjustable velcro strap looped around the top of the chair back.

3 Most Important PC Gaming Chairs Features

PC Gaming doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. A well-built office chair is nearly as comfortable as a plush recliner. You can also count on it to last at least a few years.

The key is finding a manufacturer that actually incorporates ergonomic designs in their chairs. Some manufacturers just use marketing buzz words but don’t follow through on the design to cut costs.


Here are the top 3 features worth considering before purchasing a new office chair:

1. Ergonomics – For gamers, ergonomics is important. The best PC gaming chairs provide lumbar support and multiple ways to make adjustments.

This allows you to customize your chair to your height and body type. The general rule of thumb is the more ways you can adjust the chair, the better.

To get something that covers all the bases, you’re going to have to shell out a lot of cash (at least a couple hundred dollars). Anything less and you’ll have to make compromises.

Here are the main adjustment features to look for:

  • Height control – A standard function for nearly all office chairs.
  • Armrest height control – Not as common as you’d think. A great idea as fixed height armrests can cause discomfort.
  • Tension control – Allowing you to stiffen or loosen the tension level in the backrest. This affects the amount of pressure you need to apply to lean back.
  • Backrest Lock – Sometimes chairs will also allow you to lock the backrest in place in addition to controlling tension.
  • Seat pan slider – This enables you to slide the seat of your chair forward or backward in relation to the backrest.

2. Material – Most quality office chairs are either leather or mesh. You want a chair that is a good match for your body temperature.

The wrong choice could lead to your comfort level heading south for longer gaming sessions. Some gamers get sweaty, and others descend into a cold reptilian-like state.

It’s a good idea to make your purchase accordingly. Mesh material is highly breathable. It is a great asset for those of us who run a bit on the warmer side.

The leather is effective at retaining heat and is suitable for those gamers who run cold.

3. Style – We’d be lying if we said looks aren’t important. The chair doesn’t need to be an aesthetic masterpiece.

However, nobody wants something that looks like it’s about to fall apart next time someone enthusiastically plops their seat in it. There’s a lot to be said for a sturdy, well-designed chair.

Depending on your preference, something flashy such as a racing themed chair may be the perfect fit for your gaming space. On the other hand, some people appreciate the look of all black leather which may be a more appropriate match for their office area.

There’s a lot to be said for a sturdy, well-designed chair. Depending on your preference, something flashy such as a racing themed chair may be the perfect fit for your gaming space. On the other hand, some people appreciate the look of all black leather which may be a more appropriate match for their office area.

On the other hand, some people enjoy the look of all black leather which may be a more suitable match for their office area.

How To Choose Best Gaming Chair For Long Hours?

While certain features make for the best gaming chair, that’s not all there is to it if you are really gunning for the gaming chair that fits you. So, how do you go about choosing the best gaming chair for you? It’s actually a pretty straight forward process.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for buying good gaming chair

  • Make a budget: A fixed budget makes it easier to streamline your search. For instance, if you’re on a low-budget, you’ll spend less time on adjustment features; remembering that the greater the array of adjustment features, the higher the cost.
  • Measure your weight and dimensions: people are deeply unique. Hence, not everyone will feel comfortable in any gaming chair they find no matter the specs. Some gaming seats are built specifically for small-sized people, while others are crafted for people with large frames. You should also ensure that the gaming seat you choose can adequately support your weight.
  • Determine your special needs: Do you sweat a lot? Do you struggle with back pain or any chronic pain? These are some things that you need to consider when picking a gaming seat. You don’t want to purchase your dream chair only to find out that it can’t suit those unique needs.
  • Determine how you’ll use the chair: Where do you plan on using the chair— your workspace, bedroom, or living room? How much time will you spend seated on it? Will you be moving it around to use in different places? This will allow you to better identify the chair that matches based on your environment.

Best PC Gaming Chairs Summary

Should you even care? It’s just a chair, right? Sure, some gamers take their choice of gaming throne a little more seriously than others.

But the fact is most gamers spend in long hours in chairs. It makes sense to find something comfortable.

Beyond that, finding the best PC gaming chair for you mostly comes down to personal preference.

One of biggest problems when buying gaming chair is how to choose perfect gaming chair. If you are a gamer or spend much time using a computer, it is essential to have a chair which is comfortable for extended sitting hours.

No matter what gaming console or setup you have in your home or dorm, the importance of choosing the right PC gaming chair is very crucial to your overall gaming experience.

The chair needs to be comfortable when you sit down to dive into your new favorite game; it’s also necessary to have proper back support and other ergonomic features.

When you are considering a gaming and computer chair, you should keep in mind the features you want and where you plan to use the chair.

Best gaming chair for a desktop computer should be comfortable, have a soft armrest and have the option to adjust height.

Gaming chairs are not cheap. Cheap PC gaming chair can be found. But it may lack many features. Price varies from $80 to $400.

Wait for sales or holidays and treat yourself with desired gaming chair. Hope this list helped, and you found best PC gaming chairs in 2016. Happy hunting!

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