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Best Keyboard Wrist Rest For Ergonomic Arm Support

Mouse and keyboard wrist rest and pads are designed to help keep your keyboard lower than your forearm to avoid you needing to bend your hand backward when typing. Bending your hands backward can lead to nerve and blood vessel compression. That is why it is important to at least have palm rest.


What is Keyboard Wrist Rest?

A “wrist rest” is a device used to support your wrists while typing or when using a computer mouse.

computer wrist support


Do Wrist Rests Work?

There is debate around the use of wrist for a keyboard with people who perform repetitive tasks with their hands from a sitting position for extended periods of time.

On one side says that it is known that leaning the wrists on a wrist rest or the edge of the desk for long periods of time can put a lot of pressure on the undersides of the wrists.

This pressure may cause carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) to develop. On the other hand, evidence shows that wrist rests alleviate tension in the neck and shoulders. Both views can be challenged.

eLink Pro Ergonomic Arm Support

Use it daily and it will make a real difference on the days your hand/arm/fingers are aching.... You just go between using it when you need to. It's been one of the best buys I will ever make!

Why is there a debate?

Contact between the wrists and the wrist rest, if too frequent or too heavy, can indeed cause problems due to excessive pressure on the delicate tendons on the underside of the wrist, and has been known to result in CTS and tenosynovitis (inflammation of the sheath surrounding tendons).

This resulting condition may be what has led people to believe that wrist rests should not be used.

However, in other cases, individuals without a wrist rest would place their wrists on the sharp edges of the desk. In these cases, a softer wrist rest would help lessen the pressure.

A worker with a properly adjusted chair and desk might need only very light wrist support if any.

I’ve been using this device for the last 4 months now, and I thought I’d give a quick update on how it’s been in daily use.

It has allowed me to ease the pain in my wrist dramatically, but I also find that prolonged use of the unit starts a new strain pain on my forearm…

So its a case of alternating between normal mouse/pad usage and this device based on where the strain pain begins. I’m still happy enough to recommended that you try this device out if you suffer from strain in using your keyboard/mouse/pad. – Buyer

It is important to make sure that wrists do not rest on the desk, or too heavily on a wrist rest.

However, even minimal support for the forearms or wrists with armrests and wrist rests can take a lot of muscular tension out of the neck, shoulders and arms, without subjecting other parts of the body to unnecessary pressure or strain.

MOUNT-MS02B Clamp-On Adjustable Arm Rest by VIVO


Should I get a Keyboard Wrist Rest?

The aim is to keep your wrists in a neutral position (not bent up or down). If used, any rest device should be selected as part of an ergonomically designed workstation.

When choosing a rest consider this:

Your hands and wrists should move freely and be elevated above the wrist/palm rest while typing. When resting, the pad should contact the heel or palm of your hand, not your wrist.wrist rest for keyboard

Reduce bending of the wrists by adjusting other workstation components (chair, desk, keyboard) so the wrist can maintain an in-line, neutral posture.

Match the wrist support to the width, height, and slope of the front edge of the keyboard (keeping in mind that the goal is to keep wrist postures as straight as possible).

Provide wrist/palm supports that are somewhat soft and rounded to minimize pressure on the wrist. The support should be at least 3.8 cm (1.5 inches) thick.

Within 5 minutes of me screwing this onto my desk, a co-worker asked to try it out and ordered one himself.

It’s ingenious and works surprisingly well. I put it between my keyboard and mouse pad and can easily swing from typing to mousing and back. I could feel a difference after a few hours.

2 months later…My left arm go jealous of my right arm, so now I have one for each arm. Plus, I have referred several other people to it. – Buyer

For tasks that involve working with shoulders raised, elbows held out, arms held forward and wrists held up (as in typing, micro-electronics assembly, etc.), any means of reducing muscular tension is important in preventing musculoskeletal injuries.

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One’s personal preference for using or not using a wrist rest is a very significant factor. Workers who choose not to use them while performing their tasks may opt just to use them for a rest break, between tasks.

An adjustable workstation which is suited to the individual using it is essential.

I bought one for my desk at home, fell in love with it, and bought not only a second one for my other arm, but two more for work. – Buyer

 eLink Pro Keyboard Wrist Rest

  • This keyboard arm rest can be fine tuned in horizontal direction
  • Strong and durable aluminum alloy material support up to 10 kgs (or 22 lbs).
  • Fits desk surfaces from 0 to 60 mm thick
  • Reduces stress from cervical vertebrae, shoulder, arm and wrist
  • Effectively relieves 90% of the weight undertaken by your wrist
  • NOTE: This wrist rest for keyboard is only adjustable horizontal 


Keyboard Wrist Rest Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Allows for a full 360-degree range of movement
  • Keeps arms steadily above mouse and keyboard


  • Not height-adjustable

If your desk is perfectly rectangular, these are absolutely great.

For those who like to play first-person shooters, know that these will take some serious getting used to.

With your hands suspended above the mouse with no support other than the mouse itself, you will soon realize how much you relied on the palm of your hand being against the desk to stabilize your mouse for those precision shots.

Looking around you is no problem, but landing square shots on your enemies won’t be as easy as it once was.

This eLink computer wrist support feels sturdy, and it keeps the arm from resting on the edge of the desk for gaming.

Someone mentioned that the plastic knobs feel weak, but those can be replaced at any hardware store, as long as the aluminum frame is in good shape.

eLink Pro keyboard wrist rest with ergonomic arm support is highly recommended. And if you need computer gaming speaker, check my top seven picks.

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Worth a try!

With your hands suspended above the mouse with no support other than the mouse itself, you will soon realize how much you relied on the palm of your hand being against the desk to stabilize your mouse for those precision shots.

Comfort Level
Overall Quality
  • Allows for a full 360-degree range of movement
  • Keeps arms steadily above mouse and keyboard
  • Not height-adjustable
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