How To Set Up X Rocker Gaming Chair Fast?

How to set up X Rocker gaming chair? X Rocker gaming chairs are very easy to set-up and it takes about 10-15 minutes to get your gaming chair rocking! These video gaming chairs are enclosed in a box with a manual and clear instruction for its controls. But here’s the basic guidelines for any X Rocker gaming chair.

Basically, all you need is your X Rocker gaming chair, television, one power cable and two audio cables (either an RCA plug cable or coaxial cable). Remember to connect a video cable that connects to the gaming system to the TV.


Best X Rocker gaming chairs:


How To Set Up X Rocker Gaming Chair

Step one: Open the box in which your gaming chair enclosed. Do not let the device fall out of the box and keep it folded. Avoid grabbing the sides to prevent speaker damage. Place the device with the back of the chair on the floor and bottom of the seat is facing up.


guide to set xrocker chair


Step two: Review the set-up diagram of the video gaming chair and remove all the accessories (cables, plugs) from the box. Install the arms on the side and carefully turn the chair over so you can locate the input/output panel.


Step three: Position your gaming chair in a sitting position and place it in front of the television (be it in your bedroom or living room). Locate and Identify the AV cables with its three colors (red, white and yellow). Plug them into the gaming system together with its corresponding colors.


Step four: Plug the yellow cable into the video input jack which is found at the back of the television. The jack can easily be spotted if it has a corresponding color code.


best rocker gaming chair


Step five: Connect the remaining plugs (the red and white one) into the audio input jacks of the video gaming chair. The audio jacks are found in the same place as the input panel and have corresponding color codes as well.


Step six: Find the DC power plug connection on the side of the X Rocker gaming chair at the input panel right next to the audio jacks. Insert the DC power plug in its appropriate jack and plug the other end into a power outlet. Make sure that this is the last connection to make when setting up your video gaming chair, always insert the cables with their corresponding jacks first.


Step seven: Turn your television, gaming system (Xbox, playstation, etc) and gaming chair on. You can easily adjust the bass and volume to your preference and you can start rocking!


In assembling the arm:

  • Remove the accessory packs (wrench and bolts) from the box.
  • Place the arm to the right side and put the three bolts in the pre-drilled screw holes.
  • Tighten the bolts with the wrench and do the same with the other side of the arm.

If you’re still a bit confused with guidelines, you can refer to the instruction manual or email [email protected] for customer support.

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