Step-by-Step Gaming Chair Buying Guide – Things to Take Into Consideration

The gaming chair is simply put, a chair for gaming. However, that is where the simplicity stops. When buying gaming chair, most people search for some gaming chair buying guide.

The primary purpose of a gaming chair is to provide you, the gamer, with the most comfortable position in which to play favorite games.

Sitting on the sofa or regular chair just doesn’t provide the same feeling. There is no beer/coke can holder on the arm of sofa, which is a must for a gaming chair…it’s thirsty work after all….!


Gaming Chair Buying Guide

There are various reasons to buy a gaming chair. Finding one that’s just right for you is the tricky part. Be sure to check guide what to look for when purchasing gaming chair.

# 1. Comfort is generally at the top of most people list. Long gaming sessions demand comfort and no distractions.

# 2. Coolness – Let’s face it, having a gaming chair is cool. Your friends will be jealous when they come over, and you just look like a pro gamer!

There’s nothing better than sliding back into your chair ready for some serious gaming.

Gaming chairs also come in various colors. Racer Red, Sleek Leather, and Electric Blue are just some or the choices available, along with the most subdued colors that will blend into any office environment but still ooze comfort, coolness, and quality.

# 3. Sound – Hands up who loves their headset? The sound quality is another crucial feature. If the sound is important to you, then a chair with built-in speakers is a must.

Most talked about are the X-Rocker range of chairs, due to their sound and build quality.

If you find yourself wanting more from your gaming, what better way than to sit in the comfort of a purpose-built Gaming Chair? Honestly, you would probably be amazed what’s out there on offer these days.


Gaming Chair Buying Guide  – How to find the right chair?

While you are tucked in your boring couch, playing games, your back starts hurting after some time. If you have an office chair, it’s the worst for sitting on for longer hours.

Gaming chairs have been designed for cool gamers like you to offer luxury and comfort. Strap yourself in a gaming chair and enjoy your time.

The special audio features of gaming chairs take you to a fun ride where you can experience gaming at a whole new level.

If gaming is your passion and a greater part of your day is spent in front of the TV or PC playing games, a gaming chair would make your leisure time more enjoyable.

When it comes to selecting a gaming chair, you are bombarded with a number of options. Some chairs interest you because of their features but buying a gaming chair on a budget is the greatest concern.

There are many gaming chairs available out there, but you should buy gaming chair that is a package of quality and affordability. One of the most popular gaming chairs is the X Rocker series.

These chairs have amazing audio features which enhance sound quality and add more excitement and fun to your games.


Height Adjustable

Height adjustable chairs can accommodate any person’s height and will inevitably provide the correct elevation for your legs.

Having the ideal height means you can put feet firmly on the floor, and your legs can move freely. That allows full circulation on your legs and help you retain the ideal posture.


black leather gaming chair


Height adjustable computer gaming chairs vary by brands and models. Some manufacturers were able to design chairs that let you adjust the height without having to stand up.

Chairs with gas lifts allow you to raise or lower the chair according to your height without leaving the chair.

And since it is height flexible, your family or friends wouldn’t have any difficulties using chair too. If you are willing to let them, of course.



Chairs with a Backrest

The ideal computer gaming chair should have a backrest. Backrest increases comfort and eliminates stress on spine.

Choose the chair with a backrest that can easily be adjusted forward or backward. It is also advisable to choose the ones with a taller backrest for a full back and shoulder support.


Chairs With a Headrest

Some gaming chairs come with headrests. For people experiencing neck pains or neck problems, chairs that come with headrests are highly recommended.




You may not be aware of it now, or may not find it a need for one, but armrests provide additional comfort.

Armrests come in different styles and are made from various materials.

Some armrests are made of durable vinyl and can be flipped up and down quickly while other have cushioned or padded armrests covered in faux leather or thick fabric to avoid strain on your arms.

Choose the one which you think would suit your working or playing habits. The recommendation is armrest from soft materials.




Being seated comfortably means experiencing the ultimate level of being at ease and feeling relaxed even after hours of staying in that same chair.

Excellent gaming chairs are the ones which can accommodate your body without any discomfort. Ideally, the depth of the chair should conform to your body.




A gaming chair that swivels and have wheels allow you ease of movement and more accessibility.

Moreover, these chairs let you move forward, backward and sideways without having to scrape your floors and carpets. If it can be folded too, then even better.


Style and Material Used

Computer gaming chairs are made from different materials. They have various styles and shapes to satisfy your needs.

Some office chairs that can be used as gaming chairs are cushioned with high-quality foam and covered in leather with padded or vinyl armrests.

Another different style would be the ones covered with mesh which is more breathable. These types of chairs usually have five sturdily built legs for stability.



Easy Storage and Portability

It is best to choose a chair that takes minimal space in the room and can be stored easily when not in use.

Most gaming chairs are lightweight or can be folded to allow ease in moving them around from to room.

The office chair types are usually built streamlined, and since most of them have wheels on the legs, they can be maneuvered easily.



Easy Maintenance

Gaming chairs also need to be maintained and cleaned. The materials and covers used can be wiped clean, especially the mesh-covered chairs.




Different people have different fashion taste. Along with the various designs, you can also choose from the many attractive colors they come in.

From dark to pastel and bright colors. Choose the one that would complement the theme of your room.




Gaming chairs are not cheap. Price varies from $80 to $400. Wait for sales or holidays and treat yourself with desired gaming chair.

Price is nothing compared to delight you will experience.

If you are among the countless people who spend lots of time in front of the computer working, reading or enjoying a game, then you probably have experienced at one time or another some discomfort.

Back and neck pains, eye strain and other factors that usually cause you to lose concentration and interest in what you are doing.

The probable cause of all of these is the chair you are using.
If you are using a regular chair, then it is time to switch to an office chair that is also ideal to use as a computer gaming chair.

Finding the perfect computer gaming chair means looking for the one with the attributes that would best suit your needs.

There are a lot of advantages in using a gaming chair. First and most important is the benefit of being comfortable during those long hours in front of your computer.

Second is these chairs have lots of cool features that offer flexibility.

Another commercial value that these gaming chairs have is if you are a gamer, your gaming experience is enhanced. Gaming chairs may be a bit pricey but if you consider what you get, then spending a few bucks more is well worth it.

Gaming chairs are durable as they are made with reliable and high-quality materials that should last for many years. Sometimes owning one of these chairs is not a luxury but a necessity.


It is Just a Chair, Isn’t it?

Choosing a gaming chair may not seem such a big deal. But, for gamers, the acquisition of a good gaming chair is an important matter.

Sitting in a chair for a long time can have harmful consequences in the long-term.

Many of those who are truck drivers or call center operators have health problems after the age of forty. Sitting too much in a bad chair is often the cause of various health concerns.

Wouldn’t be a pity to have health issues just because you are a gamer?

The good news is that you can protect your health by getting ergonomic gaming chair, or an ergonomic office chair.


Which is better for Gaming – Leather or Mesh?

If you test each of the two types of chairs in an office, you may come to the conclusion that leather is the most comfortable material.

And yes, leather does feel very soft and comfortable. The problem is this comfortable sensation does not last more than a few hours.


PC Gaming Chair Fabric Or Leather


This loss of comfort is caused by the fact that leather has no breathability. When the weather is hot, if you don’t wear a t-shirt, you can end up sweating a lot.

The alternative is using a mesh chair, as this type of chair can provide comfort as long as you like. Mesh chairs are more breathable.


How Important is an Ergonomic Design?

Many gamers don’t think about their health as a top priority until something goes wrong. There are exceptions among professional players, who spend even more time on chairs.

The main benefit of an ergonomic chair is that it forces you to sit in such a way that is helping you avoid problems with your back.

The best chair that you can get would be one that has two main features: it is adjustable and provides back lumbar support.

If you search for good chairs, you could find some cheap models that have almost the same features as some of the most expensive models.


ergonomic back support chair


Should you even care? It’s just a chair, right? Sure, some gamers take their choice of a gaming throne a little more seriously than others.

But the fact is that sitting for extended periods of time in a chair without an ergonomic design can potentially have long-term consequences.


Checklist for Buying a Gaming Chair

Follow this checklist for buying best gaming chair for your needs:

  1. Your gaming chair should be ergonomic to support your back
  2. Look out for latest features and choose the best gaming chair that has innovative settings
  3. If you can get some extra features spending another $50, then do it
  4. Buy a gaming chair that offers smooth handling and storage
  5. Chair dimensions and color should be kept in mind
  6. If you are purchasing a computer gaming chair pick up the one that provides good support for your PC desk


 Where to Buy Gaming Chairs?

Quality gaming chairs can be found in the furniture and office supply shops, but there are a number of online stores where you can buy the best gaming chairs. All you need to do is look out for a trusted online retailer, compare features and prices.

Driving from store to store is hectic, and sometimes you don’t find what you are looking for. Shopping online saves you time and money.

Although there are some things that you need to consider while buying a gaming chair online.

  1. Make sure that the online store you are ordering from is a registered and trusted one.
  2. Compare the features of the gaming chairs on different websites
  3. Shipping days and price are critical. Some websites have “Free Shipping”

Popular places to buy gaming chair are Amazon, Wayfair, Target, Sears, Bestbuy.


Gaming Chair Buying Guide Final Words

If you consider the cost you are spending on replacing chairs, a quality gaming chair is not at all expensive. Moreover, the cramps and aches an ordinary chair gives to your body may result in chronic back pain. The gaming chair is a long-term investment that’ll save you money and health.

For avid gamers, buying a gaming chair is a good investment. The wired headphones are annoying and after some time your ears start hurting. A quality gaming chair has built-in speakers and headphone ports.

Volume and bass control options allow you to adjust sound quite conveniently. So realistic sound and video can be experienced with a cool gaming chair.

Moreover, you can just sit back and enjoy quality movie time in your chair.

The greatest advantage of using a gaming chair is that you won’t get any back pain or aches that are usually experienced while sitting long in a posture. The ergonomic design of gaming chairs is the most convincing reason to buy them.

While you are playing video games, you have to use earphones or connect wires to the audio source. Gaming chairs have audio controllers and volume control options. You can sit back and control audio the way you like.

Unlike a couch or usual chair that occupies space in your living room and has a shabby look, gaming chair can be folded away when you are not using it.

Hope this gaming chair buying guide helped, and now you have more insights into picking right gaming chair for your needs!

Wish you steady hand and low ping.

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