11 Best Gaming Desks For PC Gaming: Large, Budget, L-Shaped

Comfort means a lot to a gamer. One way of bringing comfort into your gaming life is by investing in a best gaming desk.

Gaming desks come in different shapes and sizes but determining the best for you can be a hard nut to crack. Besides the shape which could be L-shaped, c-shaped or curved, there are lots of other features that you need to consider when making your pick. This includes the height, the size of the storage space, wire management system, and the number of monitors it can hold.

As tough as it may seem, we have been able to scan through all the popular—and less known—gaming desks. Consequently, we have succeeded in putting together a list of the best gaming desk to make your search easier when you are ready to buy. Mind you, no gaming desk is perfect. However, the right choice should guarantee you total comfort during a long gaming session.

Best budget gaming desks

A quick point to mention here is that gaming tables can serve more than one purpose. No doubt, these desks are designed to maximize your gaming experience. For example, the surfaces of some of the best gaming desks are covered with mouse pad saving you the money you should have spent in getting one. However, you can still place some of these tables in the office for aesthetic reasons or to boost staff comfort. Continue reading to see the unique features of our selections.

Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S Gaming Desk – best budget gaming desk

For the sake of durability and to withstand the weight of gaming accessories, a gaming desk needs to be built tough. Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S takes care of this with the use of carbon fiber in the construction of this gaming pc desk. The large surface and dedicated fixtures for your gaming monitor, keyboard, controller and other gaming accessories will definitely catch your interest at a first glance.

Although you don’t have the luxury of choosing different colors, this big gaming desk supports a monitor of up to 40”. The Z- shape is not only appealing but comes with four leveling feet to make sure the desk is stable without wobbling.

On the fancy side, the Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S comes with cool blue LED light. Just plug the USB into your gaming PC and enjoy the warm glow which can also enhance your gaming experience in dark areas.

Other cool features include cup holder, headphone hook, controller stand, and extra-large mouse pad for your gaming keyboard and mouse. At just 39.4 pounds, this is probably one of the lightest gaming desks you would find. However, the high cost will likely make it impossible for every gamer to have a taste. Notwithstanding, this is one of the best under $200 desk for gamers.


  • Extremely lightweight and easy to move around
  • Can hold up to 2 monitors
  • Comes with extra-large mouse pad
  • Cool blue LED light
  • Dedicated holder for different game accessories


  • Getting legs to be steady can a problem
  • Leg is not adjustable which may lead to comfort issues
  • Lacks wire management holes
  • No mention of warranty

Mr IRONSTONE Gaming Desk – Best for cable management

If you are making use of wired gaming accessories, keeping the wires organized can be an issue. Mr Ironstone gaming desk takes care of this by having two cable management holes. With these, you can organize your wires so that your table stays decent.

The entire surface is mdf pvc laminated. This makes it waterproof and comfortable for your mouse.

The cool R-design further enhances its stability so that it doesn’t wobble. It was built tough to withstand a weight of up to 110 pounds, thanks to the R-style desk leg design. One cool feature that comes with this gaming table is the adjustable leg pads. This ensure that the desk remains stable even when placed on an uneven ground.

Like most gaming desks, Mr Ironstone gaming desk also have a number of cool features that will further keep you organized like the headphone hook and cup holders. Marathon gamers will no longer have to worry about spilling their coffee. Assembling this desk together is pretty easy and so is the cleaning.

Even more interesting is the fact that it comes with a 12-months’ worry-free warranty. The decent appearance also makes it fit into a workstation. Coming down to the weight, this product is neither heavy nor light at 46 pounds. Likewise, the price is just about average.


  • Two cable management holes
  • Comes with 1 year warranty
  • Hold large weight up to 110 pounds
  • Waterproof and wide top
  • Adjustable leg pads to prevent wobbling


  • Edges are pointy which can be dangerous around children
  • May not hold more than one monitor
  • The design may make it difficult for you to stretch your legs under the table

Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming Desk – Best for accessory features

If you have lots of accessories and need a gaming desk that can hold it all, Atlantic gaming desk will be your top pick.

Some of the features you will get when you buy this desk include charging stand for your smartphone or tablet, speaker stand which can also be used as a game storage, under-desk basket, controller stands, built-in wire management, rear power strip holder, cup holder, and headphone or VR hook.

Only a few of the best desks for gaming can match these features. The top is laminated with carbon fiber while the legs are made of steel. These features combine to give this table unrivaled rigidity and durability.

The monitor stand can hold a monitor of up to 32”. Another feature that we found both sleek and important on this table is the smooth rounded contours which adds to its beauty as well as makes it safe to use around children. Having a weight of just 43.5 pounds, this gaming desk can easily be moved around from one room or office to another.

The price is slightly above 100 dollars. However, if you have under 200 budget and want a table that will give you the opportunity to declutter your gaming space, Atlantic gaming desk will make a best budget gaming desk.


  • Large features to hold more gaming accessories
  • Dedicated monitor and smartphone or tablet stand
  • Built tough and durable
  • Smooth rounded contours makes it safe for children
  • Budget-friendly


  • The under-desk basket can limit how you place your leg
  • Without adjustable legs or leg pads preventing wobbling can be difficult
  • May not hold more than one monitor
  • No mention of warranty

Walker Edison Modern Corner table – Best L-shaped table for small room

The corners of the house mostly lie dormant but with the L-shaped Walker Edison modern corner table you can transform those free corners into a work space.

Three piece corner desk is a combination of elegance and toughness. It is made of polished and beveled tempered safety glass tightly secured to durable steel frames with powder coat finish. It comes with a sliding keyboard tray that can be mounted on either side.

This feature makes it easier for you to play your favorite games or work with your hands in a more natural position. This gives immeasurable comfort which means a lot to those who enjoy long gaming hours.

The unique design of this gaming PC desk makes it possible to separate it into two desks so that you can use them in separate rooms. The design also saves you a lot of space. Another feature that cannot be ignored is the dedicated universal CPU stand that comes with this table.

This sleek table can accommodate multiple monitors giving you unlimited immersive viewing experience. Weight of this desk is average at 57 pounds. However, considering the possibility of separating it into two different desks, you can easily move them around. This is a great best budget gaming desk under 300 dollars especially if you consider how much space you can save with it.


  • Can be separated into two different desks
  • Unique design that can save a lot of space
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Dedicated universal CPU stand


  • Glass and sharp ends can be potentially dangerous
  • Lack of adjustable legs can lead to wobbling in uneven environment
  • Problem with stretching your legs when placed around the corner
  • Cable management system is absent
  • Comes with no dedicated game accessories holders

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk – Best budget gaming desk for innovative design

Arozzi Arena gaming desk weighs a lot at 85.5 pounds. Moving it around should have been awfully difficult but the manufacturers innovatively divides the top frame into three sections to get around this limitation.

[amazon box=”B072MLNQXK” template=”horizontal” description_items=”0″]

The large surface and sturdiness of this table makes it possible to stack up three monitors in a way that they envelop your view.

The entire surface is made of water resistant microfiber cloth.

This transforms the top of the table to a mouse pad—and this mouse pad surface is washable with machine. To ensure total comfort, the height of this desk can be adjusted with ease.

Another interesting feature of this table is the cable management system. It has three cutouts where you can pass the cables of your mouse, monitor, and keyboard and position then in the net underneath the desk. This helps your table to stay clean. Arozzi Arena gaming desk gives you the luxury of choosing between five different colors. This gaming desk does not offer any special accessory feature which is disappointing. Although it is a great under 300 gaming desk, it is still not cheap. Budget gamers may prefer to buy cheaper alternatives with gaming accessories support.


  • Entire top is a custom mouse pad
  • Great cable management system keeps surface clean
  • Can hold up to three monitors for immersive gaming
  • Top frame splitting makes transportation easier
  • Adjustable height for comfort


  • Lacks features for holding gaming accessories
  • Slightly expensive
  • Assembling this desk can be a little tough
  • No mention of warranty

Bizzoelife E Sports Racing Table – Best RGB gaming desk

Sometimes all you need to stay relaxed or feel transported into your gaming environment is cool lighting.

Z-shaped table comes with LED lights with 7 colors. The light can also be set in multiple ways including monochromatic, flash, and cyclic change. The speed of the lighting can also be adjusted.

Besides this luxury feature, Bizzoelife E Sports racing table has a number of features that can enhance your gaming experience. For example, it has 4 adjustable feet allowing you to set your own comfort level as well as keep you steady on an uneven floor. The fact that this product comes with a 12 months warranty should excite gamers.

Z-shaped table comes with LED lights with 7 colors

The combination of a P2 class particle board top and heavy duty metal legs makes this desk sturdy so that it can hold up to 150 pounds weight. The entire top is waterproof and has enough space to hold all your gaming accessories. Its ergonomic design makes it suitable as a student desk and workstation.

Bizzoelife E Sports racing table doesn’t offer much in terms of accessory support except a hook for your headphones. Its weight can be considered average at 57.3 pounds. The obvious setbacks to this gaming desk are the slightly high price and smaller working surface. If you can work around these limitations, you will definitely enjoy using this table.


  • Cool RGB LED lights with different settings
  • Adjustable feet to prevent wobbling on uneven surfaces
  • Comes with 1 year warranty
  • Made of waterproof and durable material
  • Hold up to 2 monitors


  • Limited gaming accessory hold support
  • Slightly expensive

Coleshome L Shaped Desk – Best wooden L-shaped gaming table

The use of wood for the construction of tables dates back to many centuries. However, what makes Coleshome L-shaped desk one of the best computer desks is that the design is elegant.

The wood is waterproof, anti-scratch and very easy to clean. The frame is made of heavy duty powder coated steel which ensures stability and durability.

This desk is also available in multiple colors with the option of a monitor shelf making it suitable for homes and offices. Like all L-shaped gaming tables, this product also allows you to save up space in the house—and the longer board can be place on either side. How you want your working space to look is totally up to you.

Wood is waterproof, anti-scratch and very easy to clean

This desk has enough room to accommodate 2 or 3 monitors and suitable for two people to use it at the same time. It also has a universal CPU stand. To ensure that you enjoy the best gaming experience without wobbling, this desk has adjustable leg pads that keeps the table steady on uneven floor.

Considering that the top is made of medium-density fiberboard (MDF), it was necessary for this product to have mold resistance properties. The Coleshome L-shaped desk weighs 53.1 pounds. However, the weight will not affect handling considering that it can be separated into three pieces and reassembled with ease. All these unique and cool features comes at a friendly budget.


  • Wooden surface is anti-scratch, waterproof, and easy to clean
  • Can hold up to three monitors
  • Adjustable leg pad for stability on uneven floor
  • Possibility of separation makes handling easier


  • Pointy edges can be potentially dangerous around children
  • Problem with stretching your legs when placed around the corner
  • Limited dedicated gaming accessories holders
  • Lacks cable management system

Coleshome Modern Computer Desk 47″ – Best budget gaming desk

If you are looking for the best gaming desks under 100, the Coleshome modern computer desk will easily steal your admiration. Like all other proprietary products from Coleshome, the top is made of medium density fiberboard (MDF) which is waterproof, anti-scratch, and easy to clean.

This is judged better than the normal particle board. However, Coleshome modern computer desk stands out by having tougher and thicker legs for extra stability and durability.

The frame is made of heavy duty powder coated steel which ensures durability. The metal legs have adjustable leg pads that keeps it steady on uneven floor.

best gaming desk under 100

The simple design gives you ample leg room as well as makes the assembly easy. The large surface of this table makes it possible for you to stack together two monitors for a more immersive display.

You also have enough space for your Xbox or PS4. Notwithstanding the sturdy appearance of this gaming PC desk, it is still considerably lightweight at 35.4 pounds when compared to other tables. The combination of large working surface and sturdy appearance makes it suitable for different locations. Two of the obvious drawbacks of this table are the lack of dedicated gaming accessories holders and cable management system.


  • Big gaming table that is extremely lightweight
  • Wooden surface is waterproof and anti-scratch
  • Adjustable leg pads for keeping steady in uneven environment
  • Highly budget-friendly
  • Can hold up to 2 monitors


  • Lacks dedicated gaming accessories holder
  • Cable management system is absent
  • Pointy edges are potentially dangerous around children

AuAg 55” Enhanced Larger Gaming Desk – Best big gaming desk

A large gaming table can hold more. If that is your target, the AuAg 55” enhanced larger gaming desk will definitely tickle your fancy. The top is made of charcoal colored, laminated carbon fiber that can support 2 or 3 monitors.

When you purchase this device you will get a free water resistant mouse pad that is 3 mm thick covering the entire surface. Two other useful features that can help you to declutter are the cup holder and headphone and speaker hook.

With the distractions out of the table, you can focus more on your game. The steel leg constriction has four leveling feet to keep it steady and horizontal.

large gaming desk for multiple monitors

Another feature that makes the AuAg 55” enhanced larger gaming desk to stand out among the best computer desks is the powerful cable management system. It has two cutouts and electric socket box that allows you to hide all your cables and keep your gaming surface decent.

These features also makes this table suitable for use in offices and at home. Having a weight of 50.7 pounds means that you won’t have much problem moving this table around. Considering the huge size of this table, the lack of adjustable leg height might make it uncomfortable for younger users. However, there is a wide room for leg movement for those who can use it.


  • Laminated, waterproof surface
  • Can support multiple monitors
  • Comes with free mouse pad
  • Efficient cable management system
  • Headphone hook and cup holder


  • Lack of height adjustment might make it uncomfortable for some users
  • Slightly expensive
  • Gaming accessories holders are limited

Need Gaming Desk All-in-one Gaming – Best gaming table for accessories holders

There is everything to love about this gaming desk and little to hate. Having a length of 60” gives it incredible possibilities to hold more. There is a dedicated holder for your gaming controller, headphones and cup.

Unlike other gaming tables, you will get a debris holder which can be interchanged with the cup holder depending on what is most suitable for you. Also, the headphone hook and controller hanger can be installed inward or outward depending on what works better for you.

Making this desk stand out is the RGB LED mouse pad which illumines your gaming area with 7 cool lighting modes. You can use a monitor stand or place the monitor directly in the table depending on which is more comfortable.

gaming table with multiple accessories holder

It is made completely of polished metal that is both sturdy and durable. It is not surprising that the manufacturers promote this product as the all-in-one gaming desk because it can be used both at home and in the office. Its height also makes it suitable for use by teens.

Since the headphone hook can hold up to 11 pounds, it can be used for other purposes. Having a weight of 51.8 pounds means you can handle it with relative ease. However, the main factor that may impede the selection of this product is the high price. Also, the leg lacks adjustable pads which is important for keeping the desk steady on surfaces that are uneven.


  • Efficient gaming accessories holders
  • RGB LED mouse pad with 7 lighting modes
  • Sturdy and durable metal design
  • Presence of cable storage rack


  • Highly expensive
  • Lack of adjustable pads can lead to wobbling on some surfaces
  • No mention of warranty
  • Pointy metal edges can be potentially dangerous around children

Origami Multi-Purpose – Best foldable gaming desk

One of the important features the best gaming desks should have is versatility. This Origami multi-purpose gaming table takes versatility to another level.

Made of powder coated steel frame and wood top, this product has been creatively made to be able to fold and open within 60 seconds. No form of assembly is required for this product.

Simply unfold the steel frame and place the top and you are good to go. The removable top combines with the lightweight of the steel frame to make movement easy. A shelf is integrated at the bottom of the table for holding printer and work-related documents.

Notwithstanding that this product is just 38.5 pounds in weight, the robust design makes if possible for this desk to hold weights of up to 100 pounds. This means it can hold your monitor, gaming consoles and more at a time. It is also interesting to know that this desk is chip resistant.

There are a few problems with the design that may affect your comfort. The bottom shelf, for example, can limit how you place your leg. The legs lack adjustable pads which makes it prone to wobbling on surfaces that are not even. It also lacks a cable management system. However, considering that it is a cheap gaming desk, these limitations can be forgiven.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to assemble
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to store or move around
  • Bottom shelf for holding certain gaming accessories


  • Lack of adjustable pads can lead to wobbling on some surfaces
  • Pointy metal edges can be potentially dangerous around children
  • Gaming accessories holders are missing
  • May not hold more than one monitor
  • Bottom shelve can lead to sitting discomfort

Buying Guide For The Best Gaming Desk

Inasmuch as all the gaming desks are usually made of sturdy materials to ensure they are durable, the inclusion of certain features can increase your gaming comfort or keep the clutter down. When you are ready to buy your gaming desk, we recommend that you keep your eyes open for the following features because of how they can impact on your gaming experience.

Shape and Size

Considering the fact that sizes and shapes of these tables will determine where you will place them as well as how you will use them, this is a very important factor to look out for. If you have a limited space, L-shaped tables can help you to save space because they can be mounted close to the walls. If you are considering stacking up monitors, you will need a large table that will accommodate them.


Some gaming tables are easier to assemble than others. Since you will likely not have a personal assistance except the manual guide, going for a desk that is not too complex to assemble is advisable—except you will be getting assistance in the assembly.

Special Features

Headphone hook, controller holder, cable management, and cup holders are some of the special features that come with some gaming desks. These features helps to keep your gaming table tidy. Some tables may come with a few of them and leave out others. Always choose a table that has special features that are most important to you.

Ergonomic Design

Tables that give you room for leg movement are always better because they will ultimately make you more comfortable that tables with designs that restrict leg movement. For the sake of safety, tables with round edges are better than those with pointed edges. If you have kids at home, this should be a serious consideration.

Leg Pad and Adjustment

A gaming PC desk with adjustable legs can make it easier for you to decide the most comfortable height. It also makes these desks more suitable for teen users. Desks with adjustable leg pads are also highly recommended. These pads can be used to keep the desk steady on surfaces that are uneven. Wobbling is the last thing you will need when you are enjoying your game.


When looking at the weight you should also consider the material used for the manufacture. Desks made with sturdier materials tend to be heavier. If you are going to be moving your desks a lot, you need something that is not so heavy. This is entirely up to you to decide.


Luckily, our list of the best desks for gaming has it all, from the highly expensive to the very cheap tables. Like we always advice, if you have a slim budget, it is OK to sacrifice a few features that may not really affect your gaming experience. In this case, you have a lot you can sacrifice. However, with a budget under 300 dollars, you should be able to get a gaming desk that has it all.

DIY – How To Create Your Customized Cheap Gaming Desks

Not everyone has a $200 budget for a gaming desk. The interesting part of gaming table is that you can create your own stunning gaming table and add all the features that you want as well as paint it with your own exciting colors. The cool thing about DIY gaming tables is that there is no limitation to how creative you can be. All you need to achieve this are plywood, nails, cutting tools and paints. The video below is one of the coolest DIY gaming desk we found. You can try it out too.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a gaming desk

Gaming desks make it easy for you to organize all your gaming accessories so that you can play with convenience. They also have features that allows you to get rid of the clutter that may stifle your controls.

  • What gaming desk should I use?

Gaming desks can be L-shape, Z-shape, U-shape or the standard desk. The number of people that will use the desk, the number of monitors you want to stack up as well as your available space are factors you need to consider before deciding which is best for you. Refer to our buying guide for the implication of shape and size.

  • What size should a gaming desk be?

The size of gaming desks varies and none is better than the other in this regards. It all depends on where and how you want to use your gaming desk. However, they should be spacious enough to hold your monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

  • What should I look for in a gaming desk?

Shape and size, adjustable led or leg pad, waterproof surface, accessory holders, and cable management system are some of the most important features you should look out for when choosing the best gaming desk.

  • Are L-shaped desk good for gaming?

Yes, their large surfaces makes it easier to stack up monitors and have a more immersive view. They also have enough room for two people to play simultaneously.


When it comes to choosing the best gaming desk, there is a large variety of options in front of you. You have to be sure that the table is large and sturdy enough to hold the weight you want to place on it—especially if you will be using 2 or 3 monitors. Your budget will ultimately determine the features you will get.

However, unlike other gaming accessories, you can actually create your own customized gaming desks. This is particularly useful if you have a limited budget but need all the cool features of high-end gaming tables. The number and designs of tables out there is huge but our selection of the best desks for gaming is a great place to start your search if you want to save time and get the best value for your money.

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