10 Best Gaming Chairs Under $200

You are a gamer! You have the game inside you, but do not find that one perfect spot or place to play for long hours. Why? Because you are on a budget and cannot afford to buy a gaming chair. Well, not now.

Because, we bring in a list of top 10 gaming chairs that are not only just affordable as they are under $200, some of these gaming chairs even have a footrest, lumbar pillows, and can recline to a certain degree to improve your comfort. Therefore, even with under 200 budget, you still have a lot of factors to consider when you are making your choice.

Factors to Consider for Selecting the Best Gaming Chair Under 200

Budget: At no point should you ever feel the pressure to accept just any chair simply because you are on a 200 dollar budget.

Accessories: Keep your eyes peeled for the maximum weight capacity, the material used for the construction, and the kind of adjustments you can make.

Comfort: In all cases, your priority should be maximum comfort. Once your comfort is guaranteed, you can shift your gaze to other features. That said, here are our top best gaming chairs under 200.

This post not only covers gaming chairs under $200 but also includes budget-friendly gaming chairs with a tinge of interesting factors added as accessory parts like Bluetooth speakers, design, durability and the list goes on.

Let’s unravel!

10 Best Gaming chairs under $200

  • HugHouse Musso Series – Best overall
  • Homall Gaming Chair – Best reclining
  • RESPAWN 110 – Best warranty
  • Blue Whale Gaming Chair – Best lumbar massage
  • GTRACING Gaming Chair – Best Bluetooth speakers
  • E-Win Gaming Chair – Best maximum weight capacity
  • Merax Gaming Chair – Best adjustment
  • Furmax PC Gaming Chair – Best budget gaming chair under 200
  • Ficmax Computer Gaming Chair – Best design
  • Dowinx Gaming Chair – Best durability

HugHouse Musso Series – Best overall

HugHouse Musso Series brings elegant designs to gamers with a low budget. The unique camouflage design and stitching will make you feel like you are in the army. This can ultimately change your attitude towards your game. It is made of high-quality materials including PU leather, 5-stage SGS gas stick, high-density thick sponge, and integrated metal frame. All these work together to ensure you have a product that is highly durable. These features are also the reason why this chair can support up to 300lbs.

In terms of comfort, HugHouse Musso Series has lumbar and headrest pillows and gives you the freedom to increase or lower the height of the seat and armrest. The chair can also recline from 90 to 170 degrees making it suitable for both work and rest. It also has 360 degrees swivel ability and comes with smooth-rolling casters which make it easy for you to move around your table with ease. This chair comes with a one-year worry-free manufacturer warranty which maximizes your purchase experience. The chair is slightly heavy at 49 pounds and the price is closer to 200 dollars which can still be an issue for some gamers.


  • Support up to 300 pounds weight
  • Unique camouflage design
  • Made of high-quality materials for durability
  • Armrest is adjustable
  • One year manufacturer warranty


  • Large weight can limit use
  • Recline is not up to 180 degrees
  • More expensive than some top competitors
  • Lacks a footrest

Homall Gaming Chair – Best reclining

No matter how enthusiastic you are about any game, there will come a time when all you want to do is to rest. Having a chair that supports full recline can make a huge difference at this point. Homall S-Racer series comes in handy at those moments because it supports full 180 degrees recline. This gaming chair has popular elements like contrast color, stitching embroidery, patchwork, and so on that have become a trend in the industry. Apart from the racing-style design and recline, this chair has ample features for comfort.

The armrest is adjustable making it possible for you to align your shoulder in the most natural way. The adjustable headrest and lumbar pillow take the pressure off your back and neck. Nonetheless, this affordable gaming chair has a number of flaws and the most critical is the low maximum weight capacity of just 260lbs whereas most competing brands offer up to 300lbs. It is also slightly heavy at 43 pounds which can affect its use and storage. However, like high-end gaming chairs, it has 360 swivel ability and smooth-rolling casters for fluid movement.


  • Offers full recline
  • Cool design with major industry attributes
  • Armrest is adjustable


  • Maximum weight capacity is only 260 pounds
  • Lacks a footrest

RESPAWN 110 – Best warranty

Buying a product with a warranty can save you a lot of headache. With this product you will get a limited lifetime warranty as well as year-round representative support. Besides the warranty, RESPAWN 110 is a chair to beat in terms of design and unique features. It is one of the affordable gaming chairs that come with a retractable footrest for improved comfort. This comes handy when you recline the chair from 90 to 155 degrees.

Virtually every part of the chair is adjustable giving you the authority to find your optimum comfort. The adjustable lumbar and headrest pillows also work together with the ergonomic design of the chair to protect your back. Another cool feature of this chair is the presence of vents beneath the headrest pillow. This ensures that your back doesn’t heat up during a marathon gaming session. The thick padding of the chair and sturdy base ensures it the holds up to 275lbs weight. RESPAWN 110 can be considered heavy at 51.8 pounds and this may affect its use. However, its positive attributes outweighs its flaws.


  • Comes with RESPAWN by OFM limited lifetime warranty
  • Exposed back vents for proper air circulation
  • Retractable footrest


  • Recline maxes at 155 degrees
  • Maximum weight capacity is only 275 pounds
  • Huge weight may affect how you use the chair

Blue Whale Gaming Chair – Best lumbar massage

From adjustable lumbar pillows to retractable footrest, Blue Whale’s cheapest gaming chair has got it all. However, one area that this product stands out is that its lumbar pillow doubles as a massager. The coating and steel frame are all made from premium materials which sits on a study base thereby giving this chair the power to accommodate up to 350lbs. Tilt this chair only 20 degrees and it begins to rock so that you can shake off the fatigue. You can further recline this gaming chair from 90 to 155 degrees to create the perfect resting surface.

The thick cushioning as well as the adjustable armrest and seat height makes it easier for you to pick your comfort level. The noiseless casters and 360 degrees swivel means you will only need to get up from your chair only when it is necessary. The Blue Whale gaming chair weighs 50 pounds which can be considered heavy. However, it is still one of the cheapest gaming chairs you will see that has most of the features that are peculiar to high-end gaming chairs.


  • Lumbar pillow doubles as a massager
  • Retractable footrest
  • Maximum weight capacity is up to 350 pounds
  • Offers rocking function at 20 degrees tilt


  • Recline is not up to 180 degrees
  • Large weight may affect handling and use

GTRACING Gaming Chair – Best Bluetooth speakers

One way you can get absorbed in your game is to invest in speakers. This GTRACING gaming chair is akin to killing two birds with a stone. In addition to offering you the comfort of high-end gaming chairs, it comes with two Bluetooth speakers which can pair with your gaming consoles or any Bluetooth-enabled device to give you a cinema-like sound experience. However, it is not only about the speakers. The metal frame is strong and designed to promote comfortable sitting for long hours. It combines with the thick padding and sturdy base to give you a maximum weight capacity of 300lbs.

With the GTRACING gaming chair you will also get 90 to 170 degrees recline. The armrest can be adjusted in four different ways. The headrest and lumbar pillows are also adjustable too. After buying this chair, you will be left with enough money to invest in other gaming accessories. However, this chair is slightly heavy at 50 pounds and it doesn’t come with a footrest. Nonetheless, if you are aiming for a more immersive gameplay, this will easily be your choice.


  • Comes with two Bluetooth speakers
  • Maximum weight capacity is up to 300 pounds
  • Armrest can be adjusted in four ways


  • Doesn’t offer full recline
  • Large weight can limit handling
  • Lacks a footrest

E-Win Gaming Chair – Best maximum weight capacity

Big users need a wide seat because narrow ones will compress their thighs and make them uncomfortable. E-Win gaming is one of the best gaming chair under 150 in this regard. In addition to the wide seat, it makes use of integrated metal frame and class 4 explosion-proof gas spring which gives it a maximum weight capacity of up to 400lbs. Like all modern gaming chairs, it comes with an adjustable headrest and lumbar pillow. The height of the chair and the armrests can be adjusted to your comfort too.

It comes with an installation video to further simplify the entire process. E-Win gaming chair can recline from 85 to 155 degrees allowing you to alternate between work and rest. With the smooth-rolling casters and 360 degrees swivel ability, you can easily move around the room or office from the comfort of your chair. The manufacturer also offer one-year replacement of all the parts. This chair has its flaws but for big users with a budget under 200, this is definitely one of the best options.


  • Maximum weight capacity is up to 400 pounds
  • Armrest and headrest are adjustable
  • One year replacement on all parts


  • Doesn’t offer full recline
  • Lacks a footrest

Merax Gaming Chair – Best adjustment

Gaming chairs whose parts are all adjustable tend to be more comfortable especially where it is used by more than one person. Merax gaming chair allows you to customize your experience. The height of the chair can be adjusted. Also, it can recline from 90 to 175 degrees making it suitable for work and rest. The entire chair is covered with fade and wear resistant PU leather which gives you value for your money overtime. The high-density cushion will also allow you to use the chair for years without deformation.

The full 360 degrees swivel rotation combines with the smooth-rolling casters to give you dynamic movement from one room or office to another. Merax gaming chair has a maximum weight capacity of 250lbs. If you ever run into any trouble after your purchase, you can always contact the manufacturer. One of the major shortfalls of this gaming chair is the lack of a footrest. However, this will not limit the amount of comfort you will have.


  • Adjustable parts for customization of comfort
  • Made of wear and fade resistant PU leather
  • High-quality cushioning that resists deformation


  • Maximum weight capacity is only 250 pounds
  • Doesn’t offer full recline
  • Lacks a footrest

Furmax PC Gaming Chair – Best budget gaming chair under 200

If you still want to be frugal with your 200 dollar budget, Furmax PC gaming chair has got you covered. It is without doubt one of the best budget gaming chair you will find in the market. However, for this product, being affordable doesn’t mean being cheap. It is made of high quality carbon fiber leather with thick high-density sponge tucked underneath with the main purpose of enhancing its durability. This chair offers full recline from 90 to 180 degrees. Also, the controller has been upgraded so that it can rock back and forth.

The steel frame and sturdy 5-star nylon base keeps the chair stable as well as makes it possible for the chair to carry up to 300lbs weight. Not only is this chair the most affordable on this list, it is also one of the lightest, weighing only 45.2 pounds. The smooth-rolling casters and 360 swivel ability of this chair also offer flexible movement. The lack of footrest and armrest adjustments are the obvious flaws of this chair. However, it is important to bear in mind that no chair has it all.


  • Highly affordable
  • Lighter than most competing brands
  • Maximum weight capacity is up to 300 pounds
  • Offers full recline


  • Armrest is not adjustable
  • Lacks a footrest

Ficmax Computer Gaming Chair – Best design

Ficmax computer gaming chair ticks all the boxes of standard features of the best pc gaming chair under 200. If you want a chair with an elegant design which can fit into any working space, this should be your priority. It is one of the few budget chairs that has a lumbar pillow that doubles as a USB-powered massager. You can tilt, or rock at your pleasure. When you want to take a nap, the retractable footrest will help you to get the most comfort. It is made of premium quality material which is dirt and fade resistant.

It makes use of class 4 hydraulic piston and has a maximum weight capacity of 300lbs. Ficmax computer gaming chair also offer full recline from 90 to 180 degrees. The height of the chair and the armrests are also adjustable for maximum comfort. Like every other premium gaming chair, this one also has smooth-rolling casters and 360 degrees swivel ability for easy movement. However, you will have to deal with its large weight of 51 pounds.


  • Offers full recline
  • Lumbar pillow doubles as a massager
  • Covering leather is dirt and fade resistant
  • Maximum weight capacity is up to 300 pounds


  • More expensive than most competitors
  • Large weight can limit its use

Dowinx Gaming Chair – Best durability

This gaming chair is made of alloy frame covered with high-quality PU leather. These are some of the features that enhance the use age of the chair. The superior design of this chair is also admirable and the vintage leather style will match any location. Some of the features you will get when you invest in this chair include full 90 to 180 degrees recline, 20 degrees controllable rocking, retractable footrest, and 350lbs weight capacity. The backrest is also designed to redistribute pressure on your back as well as allow airflow for maximum comfort.

The armrest has been updated with new metal internal mechanism to further boost its durability. The chair height is adjustable too. Like every other gaming chair, the 360 swivel ability and charming casters ensures you move around with ease. However, the high weight of 50.7 pounds can make it difficult to handle. But this gaming chair has more features that will make you to overlook its flaws—and you will get 6 year parts quality warranty.


  • Made of alloy frames for improved durability
  • Offers full 180 degrees recline
  • Lumber pillow doubles as a massager
  • Maximum weight capacity is up to 350 pounds
  • Controllable rocking at 20 degrees


  • Large weight may affect handling

Buying Guide for the Best Gaming Chair Under 200

Armed with a budget of 200 dollars, you can still get some of the best gaming chairs. However, the diversity of available options can leave you wondering what is important and what is not. We have tried to capture this diversity in our list of the best gaming chairs under 200. Therefore, no matter what your priority may be, you can be sure to find the perfect fit. That said, here are the most important factors you should consider when you are ready to buy.


The primary role of any gaming chair should be maximum comfort. It is hard to make the right decision or enjoy long gaming session when your back or butt is hurting. Factors that can affect the comfort of your chair include the size and material used in padding, the type of adjustments you can do to the armrest and backrest as well as the presence of a footrest. Chairs with adjustable parts will make it possible for you to choose your level of comfort. If you will be using your chair with other people, this will be a crucial factor to pay attention to.

Lumbar and Headrest Pillow

Lumbar and headrest pillow have become a must-have for gaming chairs. Their importance cannot be overemphasized because they can help you to prevent neck and back pain. In some products, the lumbar pillow doubles as a USB-powered massager. If you want to prevent back pain or trying not to exacerbate your condition, investing in a gaming chair will a lumbar massage is simply priceless. Also ensure that these pillows are adjustable.

Backrest Recline

All the good cheap gaming chairs are not created equal. With some you will get full 180 degrees backrest recline while with others you don’t. Having a backrest with some sort of recline makes it easy for you to switch elegantly between play or work and rest. Most chairs with a lock mechanism tend to rock when tilted to 20 degrees. While backrest recline is important, the emphasis should be more on how it affects comfort and less on the degree of recline,

Maximum Weight Capacity

The maximum weight every gaming chair can carry differ. Using a chair with a rating less than your weight will wear they out faster. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you pay special attention to this feature. This is even more important if you are a big and tall user. No matter how cool a gaming chair may seem, if it cannot carry your weight, you have no reason staking your money on it. However, all the chairs on our list has a maximum weight capacity of between 250 and 400 pounds.

Retractable Footrest

It is not every time that you may want to use a footrest. Therefore, it makes sense that the manufacturers of gaming chairs have made the footrests to be retractable so that you can easily pull it out when the need arise. A retractable footrest can improve your sitting posture as well as comfort in several ways.


The cheapest gaming chair on our least can still cost you up to 100 dollars. Nonetheless, all the chairs are all under 200. If your budget is your greatest limitation, you should forget about all the add-ons like footrest and lumbar massage and focus on comfort. You can even reinvest whatever that is left into buying other gaming accessories—and give yourself a more immersive gameplay.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does gaming chair do?

Gaming chairs are designed to improve your comfort so that you can spend longer hours playing your favorite game. Some are designed to look like real racing car seat to further draw you into the game.

  • Why are gaming chairs so expensive?

They are built using premium materials that guarantees their durability. Shipping cost also jack up the entire cost of the chair.

  • Are gaming chairs good for posture?

Yes, their ergonomic design, seat height adjustment mechanism, headrest and lumbar pillows as well as footrest are all geared towards enhancing good sitting posture.

  • Can gaming chairs be used as office chairs?

Yes, most gaming chairs are designed to be used both at home and in the office.

  • Which gaming chairs are the best?

The best gaming chair is solely dependent on your priority at each point in time. However, take a look at our buying guide to determine the most important features to keep your eyes on.


As your budget gets closer to 200 dollars, you will begin to see gaming chairs with all the features that are comparable to high-end chairs. Nonetheless, it is crucial to first of all, pay attention to the quality of comfort the chair can offer. If you need to save more to be able to afford the level of comfort that you need, do so. We spent lots of hours to put this list together—and that is how far we can go. When it comes to making the final decision, it is solely on you.

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